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Assistance to expatriates

DIXIT CAUSA provides tailor-made assistance to expatriates and executivesand offers the following services to French and foreign nationals according to their requirements, the circumstances of the assignment (reason for the transfer, contractual provisions, etc.) and the extent of the employer’s involvement in supporting cross-border employees:

Review of the personal consequences of an assignment or international transfer (e.g. place of residence for tax purposes, tax obligations arising from a change in country of residence, advice on arriving in or leaving France, international tax treaty provisions, explanation of social security cover during the transfer, assistance with dealings with the authorities)

Assistance in completing tax returns for expatriates (income tax, property, etc.) (See: tax declarations)

Assistance in complying with personal tax liabilities abroad, with the help of local advisers

Direct dealings with the Tax Authorities, in France or abroad

Advice on the tax treatment of professional or private foreign income received by French tax residents, or of French income received by non-French tax residents under domestic legislation and tax treaties

Consideration of issues related to wealth or retirement.