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International mobility

At DIXIT CAUSA our holistic approach means that we can assist you on a whole range of issues connected with cross-border mobility. We offer the following services:

Advice and assistance with employment law matters connected with international assignments (e.g. drafting of employment contracts or expatriation letters, review of applicable employment law and contractual status, assistance in the event of termination of employment during an international assignment)

Analysis of payroll and social security obligations (e.g. applicable legislation, analysis of company’s obligations, social security cover, comparison of costs under the relevant social security system, shadow payroll set-up and administration)

Estimate of total cost of an international transfer (including tax and social security costs, comparative simulations by country and circumstances, etc.)

Advice on structuring remuneration packages in cross-border situations

Assistance with taxation of employment income in cross-border situations (e.g. audit and advice on tax obligations of employer and employee, French tax incentives while abroad, foreign tax incentives for expatriates, neutralisation of tax and social security costs for employees working abroad, provisions benefiting French tax-resident employees on short or frequent assignments abroad, calculation of French withholding taxes and completion of declaration forms, assistance with tax disputes over any of these issues)

Sole point of contact in France to coordinate our worldwide network of specialists

Support with the implementation of your cross-border mobility work or communication proceduresand mobility / equalisation policy.