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Real estate law and setting up a real estate company (SCI)

Your property purchase may be protected through the creation of a property ownership company (SCI). DIXIT CAUSA can help during the different stages of the set-up and life of your SCI by offering the following services:

A tailored analysis of your personal situation and objectives, depending on the type of real estate you intend to acquire (old or new property that may qualify for tax incentives for rental property investments) and your own financial aims

Advice on the choice of key features governing your SCI depending on your situation and objectives which we will work together to define (e.g. high or low share capital, whether or not this will be fully paid-up from the start, choice of majority voting rules, any restrictions on the assignment of shares, division of share capital, the identity of managers and the way in which they are nominated and removed)

An all-round service covering the actual constitution of your SCI (e.g. drafting all the legal documents required to set up the SCIand dealing with all the necessary formalities)

Assistance throughout the life of your SCI to enable you to choose the most appropriate tax regime (corporate tax or individual tax), to decide whether to divide the property from your shares, ensure the register of annual general meetings is accurately kept and advice on any future sale of the property (whether to sell the shares or the real estate itself).